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WORK joias reais - "Penso" Antibacterial jewels

MATERIALS plasters with silver film, band-aids, adhesivs, stamping film


DESCRIPTION Adhesives ... "surgical", as if they were a blank sheet of paper. The "blank sheet" reveals the absence, emptiness. The new gems "manipulate" the jewels of chrysoberyl, or the exercise of "copy - paste", the imaging, the new reading of the composition of original jewellery. The perversion of the meaning exists in finding a new meaning. Giving new function to the utility of jewellery, which can all be carriers, in conducting a desire to want to make, use and display, at a cost as affordable as the paste on your skin jewels that once belonged to someone who made history.  *Pictures by C. B. Aragão

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WORK containers

MATERIALS silver, variable dimensions


DESCRIPTION A set of boxes

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