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WORK roche posay bijoux

MATERIALS Ready-made


DESCRIPTION “The Jewel is a gem for the day to day”. After being thrown into the challenge by La Roche Posay Bijoux to create a gem from the product packaging based on this idea, I created 2 necklaces from blood pressure gauge that contain the element H2O brand (cover and mesh oxidized silver and gold plated). The objects are living the attitude to press the bag of water and enjoy the refreshing feeling.

WORK indicador direito (indicateur droit - right for finger)

MATERIALS rectangles: 35x34mm, silver, ink printing, support pin and wire 1m black


DESCRIPTION Procedure: this project consists of 5 rectangles that allow you to authenticate the impression phalanx of the index finger of each subject. Four spaces are available to be registered by the patient during the time of exposure through paint, oil and cotton pads to remove the ink on his finger. The conclusion of this work is when the 5 jewels are fulfilled by the genetic heritage of each person who wants to have its identity in a pin or necklace of Ag 925. A photograph of each piece will be my final regist for this job, before being deliveres to their owners.

WORK indispensables

MATERIALS stoneware and chains


DESCRIPTION The bags are reliquaries that transport mysterious contents and are essential to our habits. They are private and safe places holding stories, secrets and values. In their essence, they are spaces that carry an identity and hold something personal and intimate. 

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