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WORK necklace

MATERIALS 0.2 g of silver wires 925 and silicon


DESCRIPTION The cross is a geometrical figure and is the oldest human symbols.It is divided by two lines intersect at 90 degrees and symbolizes the division of the world into four points. The vertical line represents the deity and the horizontal world.

WORK minimum

MATERIALS silver wire 930, surgical steel wire and cultured pearls white and grey


DESCRIPTION 1.1 g of silver wire bent to form a support for a pair of pearls that can be chosen from a set of multiple pairs.

WORK pair

MATERIALS silver wire 930, surgical steel wire and cultured pearls white and grey


DESCRIPTION Equal. Similar. Partner.Which is represented by a number divisible by 2.What is divisible by 2 can be divided equally without breaking / Necklace acquered synthetic pearls.

WORK disposable collars

MATERIALS white cotton and gold leaf


DESCRIPTION Collars play an important role in the history of clothing. They are placed under the clothing as protection (excessive wear and washing). They represented social status (the bigger it was the more important the user) and they revealed how clean were the bodies. They could be pulled out of the upper parts of the male and female clothing, and they were hold by two pins. When in contact with the neck, the “dispensable collars” work as a border frame, enhancing the whiteness and resistance of the fabric in contrast with the golden leaf interpreting each necklace’s drawing. This piece is part of the collection of Ar.Co - Center of Art and visual communication *Picture by João Cavaleiro

WORK salt

MATERIALS salt, gold and crystal resin


DESCRIPTION Salt: the identity of two cities, Tallinn and Lisbon. The salt used to be transported in the holds of ships that came from Setúbal and arrived to Tallinn. Today salt is transported in the body as jewelry / Stone chips: Salt is the third divine substance in alchemy and represents the ultimate expression of refined stone / hardened with epoxy resin crystal: salt is the symbol of the indestructible union / mixed with sodium chloride: formed when sodium metal reacts with chlorine gas / the arrest of a gold pin: formerly salt was so scarce and precious that it was negotiated at the same price as gold / is contructed by a pin.

WORK untitled

MATERIALS necklace: oxidized / pins: pearls, rubber and oxidized silver



WORK inês nunes for v!tor

MATERIALS mdf, steel and inames


DESCRIPTION São Paulo. This project is the result of a partnership with the fashion designer V!TOR to his collection São Paulo/ SS-2011 for MODALISBOA. The city is divided  administratively in 31 subprefectures, officially grouped into nine regions or zones, according to their geographical position and history of occupation, each divided by districts. These pieces result from the construction of objects with variable dimensions, after reading the territory. Each function assigned a meaning and every piece of this territory. Of jewelry, based hot, stepping up to roles. São Paulo was acquired for MUDE's private collection (Museum of Design and Fashion - Lisbon).

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