WORK panties

MATERIALS bracelet/ring, painted brass


DESCRIPTION Underwear cover and protect the genitals. The panty for women have emphasized more sexuality for men and the most functional and protective, according to the body type. This project emerged in 2011, looking for ways to rings and bracelets that started from a structure of classic signet ring, which turned out to be explored and tested under various painted metal supports from various models of female underwear. The two-dimensional shape of the pantie is used as template in applying the technique to build in Jewellery ring. On this record, I tested the potential of this subject which results in a collection of rings and bracelets with different sizes and colors.


WORK mark

MATERIALS painted wood, 40x40x4 mm


DESCRIPTION (Germanic marka, signal). s.f. Act or effect of marking = MARKING. Sign an object, to seek recognition. Stain caused by an injury. Distinctive sign or in any manner that is printed in a body. Print or feeling left by some experience. Stamp, stamp, stamp. Log serving signature.