WORK for wine tasting

MATERIALS silver and leather straps


DESCRIPTION  Comission for the new restaurant 100 Maneiras, from chef Ljubomir Stanisic in Lisbon.


WORK lisbon under construction

MATERIALS signaling tapes, pvc and antiallergic steel


DESCRIPTION  The signaling, warning of change. The city that builds itself - Body and jewel in public space.


WORK right direction

MATERIALS vinyl screen, black steel and graphite


DESCRIPTION  Pins and earrings by Inês Nunes *Pictures by Tamia Dellinger


WORK color think

MATERIALS painted aluminium, different colours and sizes.


DESCRIPTION  earrings, neckalaces and bracelets *Pictures by Nininha Guimarães dos Santos


WORK break earrings

MATERIALS silver, gold plated and oxidized silver


DESCRIPTION gradient earrings - match your own pair


WORK fresh

MATERIALS white marble and silver


DESCRIPTION The freeness wearing on your body like an icon - White marble pins and cufflinks


WORK hoops v2

MATERIALS silver and black rubber


DESCRIPTION half pipe / versatile earrings – replacement of rubber hoops


WORK jump earrings

MATERIALS silver, gold


DESCRIPTION rhythm of the earring - versatile position