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WORK let's play 4-3-2-1

MATERIALS wood and steel


DESCRIPTION  Version of four individual earrings to match your symmetrical or asymmetrical pair (limited edition).

WORK flush pink and red earrings

MATERIALS vinyl screen and steel spike


DESCRIPTION  Variable dimensions (Limited Edition).

WORK hoops earrings

MATERIALS rubber, silver and gold plated


DESCRIPTION  My pair of hoops is a play on the classic Portuguese gold earring, a touchstone of womanhood. Traditionally, this accessory is not just eye-catching and a sign of economic status, but also protects its user from evil spirits. Whatever its symbolism, style, size or emotional value, earrings were worn every day, from birth to burial, without fail. Taking this as my inspiration, I have envisioned a sequence of six versatile hoops – from rubber ready-mades consisting of flush pipe washers and car exhaust valves to a more classic interpretation of handmade silver hoops plated in yellow gold, thus offering three possible pairings: the simplicity of a black silhouette; the elegance of the gold curves, adding volume to the black hoops by adorning the exterior and interior rims with an accent of metal; the interplay of solid colour and form, which once separated into its individual parts can be worn as bangles or again, hoop earrings in plain black, or a ring of golden light (variable dimensions)    *Pictures by Tamia Dellinger

WORK test drive

MATERIALS painted aluminum and wood, surgical steel and silicone


DESCRIPTION  A versatile kit of earrings with or without hoops (150x50x10mm) 

*Pictures by Pedro Sequeira


WORK caramel

MATERIALS rubber and steel pin


DESCRIPTION  pin by Inês Nunes

WORK hoops carniceiras

MATERIALS protection foam and silver


DESCRIPTION Study case - earrings (variable dimensions)   *Pictures by Pedro Sequeira

WORK close and distant collection

MATERIALS rubber and steel


DESCRIPTION Versatile pins and earrings in the active relationship between object and body.

*Pictures by Tamia Dellinger

WORK hoops v2

MATERIALS silver and black rubber


DESCRIPTION half pipe / versatile earrings – replacement of rubber hoops

WORK jump earrings 2.0

MATERIALS silver, gold or in other material


DESCRIPTION rhythm of the earring - versatile position

WORK parallel hoops collection

MATERIALS silver, different colours of rubber and seals

DESCRIPTION Earrings by Inês Nunes (75x60x5 mm)  *Pictures by Pedro Sequeira

WORK right direction

MATERIALS white and ivory vinyl screen and steel

DESCRIPTION Earrings by Inês Nunes

WORK stems

MATERIALS brass, gold plated and silver spike or brass, gold plated and silver spike with rubber

DESCRIPTION Limited edition stems - pins, earrings and necklaces.

WORK to plant

MATERIALS protective foam and surgical steel spike

DESCRIPTION Bulb earrings by Inês Nunes.

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