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WORK abraços - moment I

MATERIALS aluminum, silver spikes and rubber earrings


DESCRIPTION  This work is at Gulbenkian Calouste Gulbenkian Museum store in Lisbon.    *Pictures by Pedro Sequeira

WORK drops

MATERIALS silver, gold plated and oxidized silver and set zircons or gemstones


DESCRIPTION  This work is at Espaço Real Gallery (by order). 

*Cover Picture by Gonçalo Conde

WORK body language

MATERIALS wood, ceramics, rebuilt coral, VD type electricity pipes and steel wire


DESCRIPTION  A parallelism between the technical infrastructure of the building and the digestive tract - from the mouth to the anus in human anatomy. Be done a digestion in the understanding of Jewellery. (Exhibition Up Till Here at Reverso Gallery, Lisbon).

WORK ponto de nó

MATERIALS painted aluminum


DESCRIPTION  My tribute to those who distinguish us for innovation, quality and accuracy. The design, the mark, from technique to method, to the uniqueness of the point in Portalegre Tapestry Manufacturing. (exhibition poster image from I International Contemporary Jewellery Biennial at Portalegre's Tapestry Museum, curator Diana Silva)

*Picture by Pedro Sequeira

WORK blow me

MATERIALS white birthday candles


DESCRIPTION  Exhibition TIARA at Ar.Co (40 years of Ar.Co jewellery department), Lisbon    *Pictures by Pedro Sequeira

WORK toque

MATERIALS brass, black spray paint


DESCRIPTION On the black surfaces, the scrape creates golden traces as a memory of what’s most valuable. From the purity of the gestures to the hardness of the line. From the spots we want to analyze or test. The way the drawing determines the title and differentiates the “Toque”. From a micro scale for the body and macro for space. (Exhibition Ella Bauer and Inês Nunes at Reverso Gallery, Lisbon)

*Pictures by Pedro Sequeira and Miguel Bartolomeu


WORK find your way

MATERIALS gold plated brass


DESCRIPTION  Adjustable bracelets and rings in brass. By order, also in other materials such as silver and gold.

WORK animus

MATERIALS anodized aluminum


DESCRIPTION Different sizes and colors. 

WORK cross earrings

MATERIALS gold plated brass


DESCRIPTION Usually run vertically and horizontally. Right now intersecting tubes.

A versatile earring with different dimensions. You can get them by order. 

*Pictures by Pedro Sequeira and Inês Nunes

WORK bubbles earrings

MATERIALS synthetic or natural pearls and surgical steel


DESCRIPTION Choose your pair. All earrings are different.

WORK let´s party

MATERIALS anodized aluminum earrings, rings and pins


DESCRIPTION Different sizes and colours. 

WORK abraços - moment II and full black

MATERIALS aluminum and rubber

DESCRIPTION Earrings and bracelets.

WORK dynamics

MATERIALS earrings and necklaces in brass

DESCRIPTION A jump into the Past to design the Future. Other materials by order.

WORK black spring

MATERIALS anodized aluminum

DESCRIPTION Black spring earrings and necklaces. Different scales.

WORK  made in PT 

MATERIALS painted aluminum

DESCRIPTION The expression of quality and identity. *Picture by Diogo Ramalho

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