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I consider contemporary jewellery a multidisciplinary field, that should cause reaction and confrontation to those who create and who wear it.

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY Inês Nunes [1979]  Portuguese, lives and works in Lisbon. She is an artist- jeweler that seeks to understand the paradigm of Contemporary Jewellery through her work that has been developed since 1997. Graduated in Jewellery in Ar.Co - Center of Art & Visual Communication (1997-2001). At the same time, she completed the Drawing Course at SNBA - National Society of Fine Arts and the Spanish Course at Instituto Cervantes in Lisbon, where she received a scholarship in 2001. Inês completed the Advanced Plastic Arts Course at Ar.Co (2001-2003) and as a student; she was a scholarship holder for Segafredo (2000-2001) and Dewalt (2001-2002). She holds a degree in Psychological Sciences from ISPA - University Institute of Psychology, Social and Life Sciences (2008).


In her own studio (2002-2012) or in partnership, she has developed a work that seeks to explore and understand Jewellery as a multidisciplinary area of knowledge in the relation of the Body to Jewellery. Relevant to her research, she was involved in the teaching activity, either as an internship director - António Arroio Art School (2003-2010) and ESAD - School of Art and Design of Matosinhos (2008-2010) - of workshops and formations (2003-2016) - or professor of Project and Techniques of the Course Jewellery of Ar.Co (2009-2016). She was vice president of PIN - Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery Association (2010-2014). She has collaborated with Umbigo magazine since 2007 as an artistic advisor. Works in the Padaria 24 atelier since 2012 and since 2014 collaborates in the area of communication.


Inês responds through her work to the needs of private and business clients. She developed consultancy in her professional activity, having been invited to lectures and presentations at national and international level. Since 1998, has participated in several collective exhibitions: Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium, Brazil, China, EUA or Czech Republic. Her work is part of the collections of MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion in Lisbon, Ar.Co - Center of Art and visual communication and private collectors.


STOCKISTS AROUND THE WORLD Atelier Padaria 24 –Lisbon; Galeria Reverso das Bernardas – Lisbon; Galeria Tereza Seabra -Lisbon; Obellery Studio - HK China, Galeria Floriano - Brazil



STATEMENT The Contemporary Jewellery as an area of knowledge is not closed on itself. It is multidisciplinary and is within the context of Arts. Should react, respond and meet the needs of those who create and who transport and the beholder. My main concern is that when I make jewellery, I'm adding something new, that reacts to the beholder, who feels and uses it. It is not the value of the material that is in question, but the identity between body and jewel. I question the territory of body jewellery and as an inhabitant of that place. It is this record of knowledge and reflection that seeks to understand and respond to the paradigm of Contemporary Jewellery, in a context of growing scientific, environmental, social and economic development.






'It’s with Inês Nunes that we witness the relevance of shapes and materials in contemporary jewellery. In her case, they are morphed into visual and tangible metaphors and, with that, they attain a creative and poetic undertone. The pieces establish a symbolic way of communication that relies on humour, moulding their usage.'


Ana Campos, Umbigo #60

- Invited by António Arroio High School to be Member of the Jury for the Artistic Aptitude Examination of the Jewellery Student´s Department, Lisbon;
- Keyrings by Strawberry Studio for Liberdade 40 - consulting and production monitoring, Lisbon;
- Exhibition Just Now / Now with Ar.Co - Center of Art & Visual Communication in Lisbon at Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Republic;
- Exhibition How do we pronounce Design in Portuguese? 200-2018  by MUDE- Museum of Design and Fashion (Month of Portugal in Boston) at Sol Koffler Galleryin - RISD in Providence, Rhode Island USA;
- Exhibition Tanto Mar - Design Transatlantic Flows, MUDE- Museum of Design and Fashion at Calheta Palace, Lisbon;



- Exhibition PINAPARIS Bijoux Contemporains - Parcours Bijoux 2017 in Paris;

- Exhibition Twenty-Three. Contemporary Jewellery in Ibero-America / Lisbon Ibero American Capital of Culture 2017, Portugal;

- Invited by António Arroio High School to be Member of the Jury for the Artistic Aptitude examination of the Jewellery Student´s Department;



- Swarovski - Gem Vision Trend Direction 2018 published two works of her own Drop by drop earrings and Double pearls;

- Invited by the Portuguese company Archeofactu to create the medal design Ordem Sagrada Esperança in partnership with Catarina Dias for António Agostinho Neto Foundation, Angola;  - Exhibition Felicitas in Alice Floriano Gallery in Porto Alegre, Brazil;




- Obellery Studio in Hong Kong – China. Exhibition in Ickx gallery in Brussels, Belgium;

- Inês Nunes for Inês Duvale jewellery pieces for Karma and Dreamers fashion collections at MODALISBOA 2015/16;



- Jury Jovens Criadores of Young Creators invited by the Portuguese Club of Arts and Ideas, Lisbon;

- Participation in the PhD Project, Aesthetic Development and Artistic Education, in the PhD Thesis by Teresa Almeida Rocha, ISPA University Institute of Psychology, Social and Life Sciences. Having been applied by a program of Aesthetic Education in children of 7 and 8 years in a private college during a semester;

- PIN 10 years at the National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon;



- Exhibition Até as árvores são sonhos in Reverso das Bernardas Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal;

- Exhibition 40 Jóias in Tereza Seabra Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal;

- Presentation of collective LUSITANIA´s work, SWAB Contemporary art fair in Barcelona, Spain;

- Exhibition Abc, 40 years Ar.Co in the Chiado Museum Ar.Co in Lisbon, Portugal.;

- PIN Celebration exhibition at Galeria Tereza Seabra in Lisbon, Portugal;

- Display LUSITANIA in F X 32 Dreimühlenstrasse in Muschelkalk, Schmuck in Munich, Germany;



- Triennale du bijoux Contemporain in Mons, Belgium;



- Inês Nunes for V!TOR at Modalisboa in Lisbon, Portugal;

- Collective exhibition “Border City” in Tallin, Estonia;

- Collective exhibition PIN ANONIMUM EXD´11/LISBOA;

- Invited by António Arroio High School to be Member of the Jury for the Artistic Aptitude examination of the Jewellery Student´s Department;


- Participation with her personal work in the private collection of Fashion and Design Museum MUDE in Lisbon, Portugal;  

- Vice-President of PIN- Associação Portuguesa de Joalharia Contemporânea (Contemporary Jewellery Portuguese Association);

- BOOMSHIRT EstorilFashionArtFestival at modalisboa, Cascais;

- Invited by António Arroio High School to be Member of the Jury for the Artistic Aptitude examination of the Jewellery Student´s Department;


- Draft for jewellery La Roche Posay;

- Teacher of Project and Technics, Jewellery Classes, levels 1, 2 and 3, at Ar.Co;

- Invited by Roche Posay to participate in a press conference to share her experience;


- Individual project of jewellery made exclusively for the Museum of São Roque in Lisbon, Portugal;

- Tutor of the post-graduate Jewellery trainees ESAD, Porto;


- Participation in the exhibition of jewellery Impressions on Portuguese contemporary jewellery in Nuremberg, Germany;

- Consultancy on Contemporary Jewellery for the magazine – Umbigo;


- Exhibition 4 pontos de contacto between Lisbon and Rome;


- Participation in Lark Books edition, of the book 500 bracelets with two projects;

- Conception and design of prestigious pieces for the company Citigroup Participation on the 10º international symposium and jewellery exhibition «Arts Ornata europeana», Portugal;


- Participation with an individual jewellery project in the Art auction organized by the Palace Galveias in Lisbon, Portugal;

2003 -2010

- Trainer to students of the School of Arts at the Jewellery Department from High school António Arroio in Lisbon and Jewellery Design at ESAD – University of Art and Design in Oporto (2008.2010);

2003 - 2005

- Teaching Experience in the Jewellery workshop, sponsored by the Municipality of Cascais;

2002 - 2008

- BA in Psichology – ISPA – Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada;


- Participation in the Meeting and Conference of Students of Jewellery - Museum of Art and History, Geneva Participation in the Ar.Co’s Scholarship and Final Year Students Exhibition, at CCB in Lisbon;

2003 - 2010

- Tutor of António Arroio’s High School post-graduate Jewellery trainees in her own atelier;

2001 - 2003

- Advanced Course in Plastic Arts - Ar.Co;

2001 - 2002

- Scholarships at the Jewellery department from Ar.Co-School of Arts and visual Communication, Lisbon;


- Participation in TALENT in Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich;

- Jewellery Exhibition - AURUM Gallery- in Copenhagen;

- Jewellery Exhibition - DIFERENÇA Gallery in Lisbon;


- Participation in a Fashion Exhibition sponsored by ICEP- Memória do Futuro - ABC Serrano in Madrid;

- Participation in Project Microart - EXPO 2000, Hannover;

- Workshop The Chain of Lissabon, Ted Noten in Lisbon;



- Participation in International Symposium of Contemporary Jewellery (Ars ornata Europeana), Barcelona;

- Participation in the Jewellery Exhibition «Isto é uma Jóia» at Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation in Lisbon;

- Conception and design of a specific work about “Jóia Identidade” for Joseph's Shop, London;

1998 - 2001

- Participation in a Jewellery Exhibition at Tereza Seabra Gallery in Lisbon;

1997 - 2001

- Course in Jewellery– AR.CO1997;

- Workshop 'Enhancing the Jewel and Mr. Vacanti'


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