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WORK F or F-Stop

MATERIALS Inês Nunes for Inês Duvale MODALISBOA2014


DESCRIPTION I've been challenged to accessorize Karma collection in a partnership with Inês Duvale. The action is the result of a set pieces that fix on the ears, from the formal aspect of a photographic diaphragm, which adjust the light intensity, illuminated produced In the objects that reflect strength and movement.


Inês Duvale_ss15_lookbook. Photography: João Manuel Gonçalves Styling: Sara Morais Jewelry: Inês Nunes Models: Nelson Bolela & João Pacheco at Blast Models Hair: Carla Neiva Make-up: Marla Make Up Artist Production Assistant: Joana Santos


WORK bold box of dreams

MATERIALS Inês Nunes for Inês Duvale MODALISBOA2014


DESCRIPTION Inês Duvale has set me the challenge of creating the accessories for her Dreamers collection. I present a set of objects that can be seen as ergonomic boxes that protect the body. They are two-dimensional forms that become three-dimensional wearable strutures through the creases, folds, and fittings of each piece.


For the Dreamers collection, the wearable objects are easily transported, assembled and adjusted to the body. By using them, and through its lens, you might decode, filter and transform images and sensations, at the same time capturing and projecting them from your bold box of dreams.

WORK panties rubber

MATERIALS black rubber


DESCRIPTION  Underwear cover and protect the genitals. The panty for women have emphasized more sexuality for men and the most functional and protective, according to the body type. This project emerged in 2011, looking for ways to rings and bracelets that started from a structure of conventional underwear, which turned out to be explored and tested under various painted metal supports from various models of female underwear. The two-dimensional shape of the pantie is used as template in applying the technique to build in Jewelry ring. On this record, I tested the potential of this subject which results in a collection of rings and bracelets with different sizes and colors. Rings and bracelets, variable dimensions. *Picture by Joana Soda

WORK PIN 10 years

MATERIALS portrait


DESCRIPTION  Portrait of Elsa Garcia and Miguel Matos with stickers "Pensos", antibacterial jewels, by Inês Nunes.*Picture by C. B. Aragão

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