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WORK bar in silver



DESCRIPTION Looking for the way through your bracelet personality. 

WORK coração está

MATERIALS necklaces; silver, gold plated silver and oxidized silver and silicone wire


DESCRIPTION  Detail: clothing scars with a heart manipulated by Inês Nunes.

WORK amplified engagement ring

MATERIALS plexiglass acrylic, nickel plated copper


DESCRIPTION  Enlargement of the original engagement ring - object of contemplation with rotating system.

WORK umbigo magazine cover

MATERIALS balloons and oxidized silver



DESCRIPTION cover_feb.2015 for Earring by Inês Nunes// *Picture by Joana Soda//Assisted by Filipe Vera-Cruz

WORK drop earrings

MATERIALS angelite, bone, coral, onix, agate, synthetic pearls, nylon, silver, gold plated and oxidized silver.



DESCRIPTION Pearl earrings composition and its meaning.

WORK o rings black

MATERIALS onix, nylon and o-rings


DESCRIPTION The search for balance, equality and similarity.

WORK drop by drop

MATERIALS silver or gold



DESCRIPTION  The drop by drop earrings. *Picture by Joana Soda

WORK hoops earrings

MATERIALS silver, gold and black rubber



DESCRIPTION The arcs of circumference confirm the versatility of the earring.

*Picture by Nininha Guimarães dos Santos

WORK lines earrings

MATERIALS steel, yellow gold plated steel and rubber



DESCRIPTION Line and contour line that form each earring. The contour line (black rubber) drawing is customized by the user when opening and closing the earring. by the user when open and close the earring.

WORK double pearls

MATERIALS silver, gold plated, synthetic pearls



DESCRIPTION My new project started with the earrings collection- Pairs.

Symmetry /asymmetry/ pull the silver chain with pearls and you have a different perception of earring. Work selected by Swarovski –Gem Visions Trend Directions 2018. *Pictures by Pedro Sequeira

WORK tools to eat




DESCRIPTION introduction to objects to use at home

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